CARDA is a volunteer non profit charitable organization. Our goals are to train and maintain a network of highly efficient avalanche search and rescue teams across Canada.

In order to attend a CARDA training course, handlers must have the following prerequisites:

* Be registered with PEP and be an active member of a winter mountain rescue group
* GSAR certification or provincial equivalent
* Strong intermediate skier competent in basic ski mountaineering skills
* Training in all aspects of avalanche rescue
* 80 hour First Aid certification with CPR
* CAA Level 1 for Ski Operations avalanche course (minimum)
* Basic obedience training
* Dogs must be at least 1 year of age at time of first winter course

Handlers interested in entering the CARDA program must be either working in an avalanche related field or spending a lot of time in the backcountry in avalanche prone terrain in order to maintain the skill-sets required to work in this profile. The CARDA validation standard requires a handler to be able to perform decision making that is beyond the CAA level 1 course. CARDA generally holds a tracking/searching course in the spring and an avalanche search course sometime early winter. New teams entering the program must attend the spring course, usually held in early May or late April. At this time they will be assessed, and either recommended for the CARDA program or not. All prerequisites must be in place by the winter course- no exceptions. The CAA Level 1 for Ski Operations course must be in place before the spring course and a copy of the certificate must be sent with this application or with the spring course application. Winter course dates are decided in May. By joining CARDA you will receive all mail-outs giving information on upcoming courses.

For more information please contact

Membership dues $30.00 / year. Please do not send until membership application is approved.